My childhood years were filled with creative activity and I have been earning income from my artwork and crafts since grade school.  Since obtaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Kutztown University, my primary focus has been wildlife art, surrealism, symbolic still-life and portraiture.

While proficient in a wide range of styles and medium, I have always favored realism and welcomed the challenge of rendering fine detail. For this reason I particularly enjoy working in the traditional method of the Renaissance Masters in which layers of transparent color "glazes" applied over a detailed under-painting yield rich and luminous colors that seem to bring the subject to life right before your eyes!

My latest inspiration called “Historical Portraiture”, described below, will be bringing together two of my greatest passions, art and nostalgia.  I look forward to chatting with you about joining me in this exciting venture, and am offering special introductory rates to those who are first to take advantage of this opportunity. 



Please see additional samples of my work below.  Thank you for visiting my web gallery!  



Virtual Gallery

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Please Note: Since it is difficult to create web images that will show sufficient detail and also download quickly, 
feel free to
contact me  for higher resolution images for your consideration.    

Work in Progress



Portrait Painting

My portraits are rendered in high quality oils, and the same traditional methods used by the "Old Masters" centuries ago.  Whether it be of yourself, a loved one, or even a beloved furry or feathered friend, you will be thrilled with the realistic detail and amazing likeness captured in these heirloom-quality works of art.  



Historical Portraiture


Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong century?  Have you surrounded yourself with treasures from the past and harbor a secret dream to be mystically transported back to some distant time and place?


Well, maybe I can help…


Picture yourself poised in the nostalgic setting of your choice, masterfully rendered by the artist's hand. Whether it be the gentile Victorian lady seated in the warm glow of a cozy parlor lamp, or a regal Egyptian queen draped in exotic royal jewels, I can reveal the "real you" through the magic of the imagination.  


Meticulously detailed in oils, using the same time-tested methods as the old masters, your "historic portrait" is sure to be a most admired conversation piece and treasured heirloom.  And what more charming way to "personalize" your home environment than to actually become part of the nostalgic décor!  


The distinctive feature of my work is that, more than merely inserting your image in to some standard scene or backdrop, I will actually place you in your own familiar environment (or an imaginary one of your choosing).  For this reason, you will be encouraged to share your ideas and provide images of any items you would like to see in your painting.  I will then try to incorporate these into the composition, where feasible, thus bringing your own personal nostalgic vision to life!




·        No travel is necessary as I can work entirely from photographs or digital images. 


·        I will need one or more detailed photos of you (or your chosen subject) including at least one close-up clearly showing the facial features and desired expression.  While studio portraits generally tend to be more flattering, I can work from high quality snapshots if the pose, lighting and colors are accurate and attractive.


·        While not mandatory, you will also be encouraged to provide images of any objects you would like to be represented in the painting, such as a favorite piece of antique furniture, vintage clothing, heirloom jewelry, home accessories etc.  Magazine photos or even vivid descriptions can be substituted if photos are not available.


·        Due to the nature of the materials and method employed, your portrait may take from six months to a year to complete. This "old-master's" technique simply cannot be rushed without jeopardizing the quality and permanence, of the piece.  



(There is no charge for the preliminary sharing of ideas and images)


Single subject:  ¾ length (head to waist)…............................... $1500.00

   Full length………………….................…………………….............$2500.00


Two subjects:  ¾ length (head to waist)............….…............….. $3500.00

   Full length………………………………………...……..................…$5000.00


·        One third is collected upon signing of the contract to cover materials and design time


·        The second third is collected when work is approximately halfway done and you are provided photos of the work in progress. 


·        The final payment will be due upon completion and just prior to shipping





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